La Famiglia Muschialli


The Muschialli family originated in Norther Italy, from a tiny village in the Abano Valley and have travelled the world following their dreams, in their search for security, peace and happiness.Today there are members of the family in many different countries around the globe.

This website seeks to link these members together in a bond of family unity that transcends politics, religion, national boundaries and distance. It seeks to re-unite a great family who, although dispersed to the four corners of the earth, have a united future that is still firmly rooted in its original homeland, and a heart that proudly beats in unison despite the miles between them.

"Open my heart and you will see, graved inside of it - Italy" (Robert Browning - 1821 - 1889)

If you think that you are linked in some way, then contact Paolo Muschialli on the email listed


Contact: Paolo Muschialli

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